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He level ofdebt in Australia and the level of debt in America because is that going to be worthdoing or not? What do you think?Ryan Yeah, I think so. Let's go ahead and have a look at it because everyone is awareof the crash that happened in the US and if we can compare that to Australia, I thinkthat would be useful.Steve Oh, I'll start.Ryan I'm just going to turn my webcam off because the internet seems to be a bit slow.Steve Yeah. I'll start, first of all, with saying that this the chart that got me intomaking the public warnings I started making back in about approaching financial crisisaround the world. So if you can see what's on the screen right now, the red line is theratio of private debt in America to GDP and the black line is the ratio of private debtsto GDP in Australia.Ryan Okay.Steve When I saw that Australian data, I so gobsmacked, I feel I've got to check.

TheAmerican data to see if this is a global phenomenon and that's the chart that I produced. The dotted lines are the trend in the data, the exponential trend. I just looked at thatdata and thought, first of all, we're talking about the highest level of private debt inpost-war history. So you can see the American data goes back to . So that ratio - oh,', actually. We're looking at the highest level of private in post-war capitalism andAustralia is actually not as high in the data, but growing much more rapidly.


The crosseshas to occur and that's when I started warning about the crisis.Now, bear with me for a second, I'll have to flip through a few screens here becauseI know the chart that I want to show is a few charts. This is all for work for a newbook I'm writing which will be coming out, hopefully, in about September called "CanWe Avoid Another Financial Crisis?" and it's a book on the global economy, not just.

Australia,obviously. So this is looking at my analysis of what causes a crisis. And that is the totaldemand in the economy is not just GDP, it's GDP plus credit. And that's also the technicalissues I've come up with that they get me involved in a debate with mainstream economistand even my own non-mainstream economists I've done the mathematics. I'm very confidentof my argument here.Ryan So can we just explain this? Are you saying that - so GDP is like how much a countryearns.

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Investors in our markets and thisis the other point in terms of ourfuture is I think we're not just tappinginto that underlying sense that DNAconnection to property investment butwe're also seeing that the the times arestarting to fave a property investmentmore and more and I think Australiansare going to grow even to even higherlevels of being small scale investors inproperty and that's a result of how oureconomy is evolving and all theadvantages that we do have in terms oftax advantages particularly inresidential investment and I think thatwe're seeing that now and particularlyof course in the Sydney housing marketwhich is investor central has beeninvestor central for the last four yearsand and rising again and I think thatyou know that we will continue to seethat as a significant driver of oureconomy our housing market and ourinvestment choices I agree with that andI think the most important message thereis around it's essential needed shelternow we've.

Got an aging population andwith that aging population what's Top Intellectual Property Valuation Firms alsohappening there is we're going to be ina situation where we have to supportthat aging population and support themfrom a pension point of view now how dowe do that but we're not going to haveenough workers so we see all thistransition of a baby boomers intoretirement we need to bring migrationinto the conversation and that's exactlywhat we're seeing in fact you know allof the forecasts around populationgrowth are starting to see that weshould see our population double overthe next years now everyone has tolive somewhere so that reinforces thatessential need of shelter doesn'tapplause certainly and I guess were yousurprised thatMelbourne and Sydney's results this yeargiven that a.


lot of the forecasting fromlast year was that maybe it might havecome off a little bit but I guess withlow stock low interest rates people arejust thinking well I'm going to stretchhimself well look we we had obviouslylower interest rates has always got tobe a factor in increased house price Imean that is the cause and effectstypically of our cycles but it doesn'tmean every market Rises at the same rateas interest rates for it is about thoselocal supply and demand factors now whatwe're seeing now is it becomes more andmore about the local supply demandfactors rather than the improvedaffordability from lower interest ratesand we see that with Melbourne andSydney clearly moving ahead of the packthis year and in Sydney's case again itis a return of the investor into.

TheSydney market we've see investor levelsnow in Sydney pushing up again to sixtypercent of market share of course if thepeak of the boom last year investorsmade up sixty-three percent of alllending activity in New South Wales andthat was the big difference in pricegrowth between Sydney and the othercapital city markets it was the level ofinvestor activity now we've also seeninvestor activity rising in Melbournebut what been absolutely said which hitsthe nail on the head if these things.

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Property is virtually everybody gets old this is seventy-five percentfifty percent twenty-five percent andthen zero which will be a disaster nowhistorically and I've been watching themarket now very closely for over years the highest that I've ever seenwas with oxygen clean all ready togo up to ninety seven percent that'svirtually every house was selling on themarket and I think the other the onlyreason gives you rules becausethere's always unrealistic vendors outthere they think the house is worth youknow hundreds of thousand dollars morethan it's really worth but really ninetyseven is a crazy market it's a michaelwith rich everything's selling the lawsthat i've seen was around forty twopercent during the GFC we're literallyyou know six out of ten properties we'regetting past being at auction only fourwere selling so here's the thing why amI telling you this well as an investoryou've got to appreciate one thingmajority of the public get things wrongand if you only become successful inproperty investing you have.

Home Valuation practicecounter-cyclical investing you've got todo the exact polar opposite of whateveryone's doing either i'm doing leftyou go right if you just have that onemethodology and use it in your life buthe comes to investing you're gonna winthe game because majority of public inaustralia end up dead broke at andsit reach one house paid off no cashflow the average male is retiring withabout to thousand they're superand the average female was thousandyou know and people living now , youknow the old days where you retire at a year later they find you dead in theback of the veranda those days are goneI mean these people are now going tofitness first they're supplementing thatthe eating you know they're drinkingnutribullet they're living for a longtime right so if that's you you've gotto think about your future and going tothink about investing in property andgoing back to this what is it that youdo what does Carolyn stick secretlyinvesting really mean and these are whathe means when the market is ridiculouslyhot at the moment around seventy eightpercent when the market is really hotover here all I do is I don't buyproperty at the peak of the market whatI do is I revalue my properties.

We should be in the process of warming for the remainder of the week, but temperatures are still going to be below normal,” DeBloch said. The Quantity Surveyor extended forecast calls for temperatures to reach the upper 60s by Wednesday with lows in the upper 30s. As the high-pressure system moves east, DeBloch said, it will allow warmer weather to return to the Valley. We should be back to the normal range by the weekend,” DeBloch said.

images2Mobile homes and large trucks traveling through downtown Hartselle continue to be a nuisance for residents and business owners. City Building and License Inspector Jeff Johnson said the problem will persist until a proposed five-lane project on Thompson Road is complete. The Thompson Road project, which officials have discussed for years and recommended in the city’s 1993 comprehensive plan, is nearer construction.

Dalmus Davidson, of Johnson & Associates Inc. of Huntsville, said the coming months thelow yield profile doesn't seem to be aconcern to investors with housingfinance commitments for investmentpurposes tracking consistently higherover recent months since May whichcoincided with the first of the two ratecuts this year the value of investorhousing finance commitments has risen by. percent excluding refinance loansinvestors now comprise forty-ninepercent of all new housing financecommitmentsinvestors are the most active in NewSouth Alabama Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration have approved the environmental studies. The next step is a second public hearing that will be Nov. 2 from 5 to 7 p. m. at City Hall. The hearing will give people the opportunity to view six design proposals. All of the designs include making Thompson Road a five-lane highway and range in cost from $4. 8 million to $18. 1 million. But the design will not be finalized until state and federal officials review comments after the public hearing. Johnson said comment forms will be available at the hearing.

He said they must be returned to the state within 10 days after the hearing. The Hartselle City Council hired Johnson & Associates in September 1998 to do the design work. Davidson said the final design phase could take as long as eight months. “There will be five lanes across the bridge and the railroad tracks,” he saidWe will make a final recommendation (on the design), but the state will have the final word. He thinks the 1. 2-mile, five-lane highway will be ready for motorists in late 2003. Davidson was questioned about what would happen if property owners tried to stop the project by refusing to grant rights of way.

Athird one is to make sure that you'rebuying properties Property Valuer Career in line with a capitalgrowth so buying not a property in theback of book you want to make sureyou're buying a property that's you knowin a capital city with good growthprospects to it now it sounds wonderfulgoing to buy a property and making sureit's and the value yeah the age of theInternet everyone's got so.